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SPIItAMP #9 – It’s got Zazz.

Wow, the internet, this one took on a life of its own a couple of times.  I think it is abundantly clear (more than ever, really) that I have absolutely NOTHING to say.  Maybe we should set the “T” in lowercase for this issue of the SPIItAMP.  So, you get the following:

*A surprise 3-song theme that emerges from nowhere, thanks to Mr. Wm. D. Rogers, and probably could’ve carried an entire episode if I thought about planning it or something.
*The Frankie Miller that is not the Scottish Frankie Miller.
*Two old-timey songs about cities or counties in Georgia (well, one’s really just got a geographic title since it’s an instrumental).
*Blind Willie McTell!  Bird Rollins!  Lester Lanin! Dickie Goodman! Don Reno & Red Smiley!  Some heavy metal most of you will fast-forward right past!
*Stick around to the end to hear Morrissey totally yelling at some concert security dudes.  You can even hear people rushing the stage in this one.



Oh, and a couple of shows from the lost archives should be showing up in the next few days, too!  Lucky you!

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