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International Verbal Espionage Battle & also snacks.

SPIITAMP #5 – “Taking a break from mowing the lawn.”

We’re going back in time with this one. Back to a simpler time before Phil came up with the idea to switch the order of the letters and the show was the less-pronounceable “SPIIMATP”. Look at that. I just doesn’t make any sense. This one, as I will tell you with my voice while you are listening to it, looks like the back of my Geometry folder from Richmond Hill High School. I used to attempt band logos instead of geometric proofs, you see. You’ll hear:
*Nuclear Assault
*Uniform Choice
*The Housemartins
*The Chickasaw Mudd Puppies
*Some other band from Athens. I think they’re called “REN” or something.
*Cinderella. Yes, REALLY.
I will also tell a short tale of the saddest show I ever booked and play a song from the man who performed that fateful night.

Oh, I sounded so different back then. Was I ever really so young?


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