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Oh, hello there, internet.  When I was in college, I was the seventh best DJ at 90.5 FM, WUOG.  But then I graduated.  Once a year, they have a weekend where old shits with nothing better to do can re-live what they think is “past glory” by showing up and playing records for nobody in the world to listen to.

This is so appealing that I did it two times!

Show #1 if from Friday night, Nov. 7th, and Show #2 is from Sunday morning, Nov. 9th.

They are very different, but maybe you will like them both.  I do.  I mean, they’re a little rocky because I was unfamiliar with the equipment, and there are a couple of bad cues on the turntables.  Oh, and in the Nov. 7th show, one of the record players had a broken needle which is why some of my songs sound all shitty ofr a while, but whatever… it’s something to listen to on the bus.

SPIITAMP #15 will be here before 2009.  For real.

Don’t be a dick, leave some comments.  Seriously.

Thanks, as always to Brian and Phil for being a couple of fucking geniuses.



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