Spy Vs. Pie

International Verbal Espionage Battle & also snacks.

About Spy Vs. Pie

Spy Vs. Pie is a band. A music band. Brian F and Philip Lee are the band, Spy Vs. Pie. They have banded for some time. Lately, they have not banded.

A decision was made to talk. Words from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Words from Saint Paul, Minnesota, Th’ U.S.A. These words get flung over the net pipes. They collide. Words collide.

They will band further. Popcast = Popcatalyst.

These two dudes, they also draw comics. Since these are individual efforts, not reliant upon the other dude, they’re a bit more fruitful, at least in the chronological sense. You may not be able to dance to ’em, but they still have the beat.

Brian’s comics can be absorbed at:
Bottomless Pop

Phil’s comics are indigestible:

powered by Phil Redmon and Brian Fukushima